Community physical activity programs

This page details both state-wide community physical activity programs as well as the programs available in each local government area.


  • Sporting Schools – Sporting Schools is a national program available to all Australian primary schools bringing together schools and sports to help get Aussie children active in their local communities. The Australian Sports Commission in partnership with 32 national sporting organisations, has developed quality programs and resources to offer a fun and supportive environment for children and coaches.
  • Get Active Program – the Get Active Program is a 10-week program that aims to enhance participants’ health and well being by discussing issues such as motivation, stress management, self-esteem and goal setting, and participating in fun physical activities. The Get Active Program specifically seeks to engage people who are not currently physically active or who have experienced barriers to physical activity.
  • Heart Foundation Walking – Heart Foundation Walking is a fun, social and easy way to be active and best of all it's free. It is Australia’s largest network of community-based walking groups. Visit this site to find a local walking group near you.
  • Heartmoves - the Heart Foundation has developed a low-to-moderate intensity exercise program called Heartmoves, designed for people who are living with health conditions.
  • Parkrun - Parkrun is a series of five kilometre runs held on a Saturday morning in areas of open space around Australia. Parkruns are free, open to all and are safe and easy to take part in.
  • Join a sporting club – Contact your local council or the state body of the sport you are interested in. Alternatively contact Communities, Sport and Recreation on 1800 252 476 or email

Break O'Day

Break O'Day community events

The Break O'Day Council provides a full list of community events.


Brighton Alive

The Brighton Alive website lists a range of activities happening in the Brighton municipality.


Burnie events

The Burnie City Council website provides information about what's on in Burnie.

Burnie Park Run

Community directory

Burnie Community Directory

Central Coast


The Heartmoves program is a gentle physical activity program suitable for anyone who hasn't done any exercise in a while. You can exercise at your own pace in a friendly atmosphere. Heartmoves is run by accredited exercise professionals specifically trained in managing safe, low to moderate intensity physical activity programs.


Melissa Cruse
6429 8959

Central Coast calendar of events

Find out what's happening in the Central Coast Council area by checking out the calendar of events.

Central Highlands

Heart Foundation Walking

Heart Foundation Walking aims to make regular physical activity enjoyable and easy.


Corina McCarthy
6254 5025

Circular Head

Community Groups

Some community groups are listed on the Circular Head Council's website

Community Events

Find out about community events


Circular Head has many options for sport and recreation.

Circular Head Community Wellbeing Centre

Circular Head has plans to develop a community and wellbeing centre.


Derwent Valley



Find out what's on in Devonport.

Parks and Recreation

Discover Devonport's parks

Devonport parkrun - Mersey Bluff

A five kilometre run at Mersey Bluff, Devonport, held every Saturday at 8am. Contact Devonport Park Run.

Recreation Centres

Check out the Devonport Recreation Centre


Devonport has an award winning aquatic and leisure centre.

Walks, Trails and Bike Tracks 

Explore Devonport's tracks and trails.

Sports Associations

Devonport has many sports clubs and associations to join.



Community Calendar

Find out what's happening -- and even register an event -- on the community calendar.

Being Active

The Flinders Council recognises that regular physical activity promotes good personal health as well as assists in shaping strong, vibrant and inclusive communities. Find out about being active on Flinders Island.

Community Groups

The Furneaux Region has a wide range of organisations for the community to participate in and be inspired by. Come along and join a community group.

George Town

Community Groups

The George Town Council publishes a community directory

Community Events

Check out the George Town events calendar


George Town has a proud sporting tradition as well as natural assets throughout the municipality that facilitate a wide range of recreational pursuits.

Park run

A five kilometre timed run every Saturday at 9am at Kanamaluka Trail, George Town.

If you are aware of programs that are operating in the George Town municipality, please contact us so we an add them to this list. For further information visit

Glamorgan-Spring Bay

If you are aware of programs that are operating in the Glamorgan-Spring Bay municipality, please contact us so we can add them to this list. For further information visit


Glenorchy on the Go

The Glenorchy on the Go program consists of specialised physical activity sessions that encourage and support healthy lifestyle changes. It is free (or low cost) for adult residents in the City of Glenorchy. The programs and activities run during weekdays at local community venues and anyone can enrol.

YMCA Glenorchy

Find out what's on offer at the YMCA

Glenorchy Pool

Glenorchy Pool

Mountain Bike Park

The Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park includes a range of trails including cross country, downhill, mountain cross, dirt jumps and northshore tracks.

Senior Programs

The Glenorchy City Council promotes active ageing.


Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre

Swim and gym...the Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre offers a range of fitness activities.

Healthy Hobart

Healthy Hobart is a free program of sport and other exercise activities

Community Calendar

Find out what's on by checking the community events listings.

Positive Ageing

Hobart offers a wide range of activities to promote positive ageing.

Parks, Reserves & Sporting Facilities

Explore Hobart's parks, reserves and sporting facilities.

Park Runs


Youth Arts & Recreation Centre

The Youth Arts & Recreation Centre is a creative, exciting, safe and engaging space for all young people aged 12 – 25. It’s a great place to meet up with friends, get involved in an art, music or recreation workshop, use the facilities, check out an art exhibition or see a music gig.

Huon Valley


Community groups

Kentish community directory

Railton parkrun

A five kilometre timed run every Saturday at 9am at Lions Park, Railton.

Events calendar

Find out what's happening in Kentish.

King Island

Sportsgrounds, parks and reserves

Discover King Island's sportsgrounds, parks and reserves


Join a local group

Find out about Kingborough's many local groups.


Kingborough promotes a range of events.

Kingborough Sports Centre

A range of sports, fitness and social activities are available at the Kingborough Sports Centre.

Youth Programs and Activities

Check out the Youth Programs and Activities.


Launceston Leisure & Aquatic Centre

The City of Launceston’s Leisure and Aquatic Centre offers state of the art facilities including a 50 metre pool and gymnasium.


The City of Launceston hosts a range of events

Get Active

Walking tracks, bike trails, spaces and initiatives are available to encourage people in Launceston to get active.

Active Launceston

Active Launceston aims to get people moving and feeling great through a series of programs and events.

Park Run

A five kilometre timed Park Run every Saturday at 9 am at Inveresk Precinct, Launceston.


Meander Valley

Meander Valley Community Directory

Find out about community events in the Meander Valley Community Directory


Events calendar for the Meander Valley

Recreation and Facilities

A list of the Meander Valley's Recreation and Facilities

Northern Midlands


Community Organisations/Groups

The Sorell Council provides information about activities in the municipality in the Community Services Directory.


Find out about events in Sorell.

Heart Foundation Walking

Heart Foundation Walking is a network of free community based walking groups and there’s a group  in Sorell

Southern Midlands



Community Groups and Activities

The Waratah-Wynyard municipality has the many community groups and activities.

Sporting Groups and Activities

Find out about sporting groups and activities.

Healthy Communities

The Healthy Communities Initiative will help increase the Cradle Coast community's participation in healthy eating practices and lifestyles; improving the wellbeing of residents at risk of chronic disease.


Waratah-Wynyard has a variety of fantastic scenic walks on offer.

West Coast

Community Calendar 

The community calendar provides a list of events happening on the West Coast.

Squash and Fitness Centres

West Coast Council operates two Squash and Fitness Centres

Swimming Pools

The West Coast Council maintains heated swimming pools in Queenstown, Zeehan and Rosebery.

West Coast Mountain Bike Trails

In 2018 the State Government completed works to several Mountain Bike Trails across the West Coast.

ACTIVE Strahan

ACTIVE Strahan is a committee focused on improving the physical and mental health of Strahan and the wider West Coast community. The Beach to Bay Fun Run/Walk is organised by ACTIVE Strahan.

West Tamar

Recreation and Sporting Groups

West Tamar is home to numerous recreation and sporting groups.

Community Groups/Organisations

The West Tamar Council provides information about community centres and community groups.

Riverside Swim Centre

Windsor Community Garden

Windsor Precinct Park Run

Calendar of events

Railton parkrun

A five kilometre timed run every Saturday at 9:00 am at Lions Park, Railton.

Find out about the Railton Parkrun.