Young people 13-17 years

Physical Activity

  • For health benefits, young people aged 13-17 years should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity every day.
  • Young people's physical activity should include a variety of aerobic activities, including some vigorous intensity activity.
  • On at least three days per week, young people should engage in activities that strengthen muscle and bone.
  • To achieve additional health benefits, young people should engage in more activity - up to several hours per day.

Sedentary Behaviour

  • To reduce health risks, young people aged 13-17 years should minimise the time they spend being sedentary every day. To achieve this:
    • Limit use of electronic media for entertainment (e.g. television, seated electronic games and computer use) to no more than two hours a day - lower levels are associated with reduced health risks.
    • Break up long periods of sitting as often as possible.