At home

The influence of those we live with can impact on our physical activity levels and the development of lifelong habits. Modelling of active behaviour by parents or caregivers and the availability of support, encouragement, transport and financial resources can all impact on the family’s level of involvement in physical activity.

To be healthy and active, mums, dads and kids all need physical activity every day. Your continuing health and wellbeing depends on it and so does the growth and development of your children.

By becoming more active, families benefit in so many ways. Kids tend to stay within a healthier weight range and build better bones, muscles and joints. Active kids have less chance of developing some of the risk factors for heart problems and diabetes later in life. Kids who are regularly active also tend to have higher self-esteem and kids who are involved in organised activities tend to have well-developed social skills and can relate well to others.

It’s not just your kids who will benefit from regular physical activity. An active lifestyle means a healthier, happier family.

Ideas to become a more active family:

  • walk or cycle instead of driving to the shops
  • walk to your favourite local restaurant or café
  • dance around your lounge room to your favourite songs
  • take the dog for a walk – it’s great for you and the dog!
  • reduce your sitting time - watch less television and limit recreational computer use
  • try to include active chores in your day, such as washing the car, vacuuming, washing the windows and active gardening
  • if you have children, find opportunities to be active with them.